InScience Film Festival

Masterclass Martin Dohrn


  • Language talk: English
  •  - 
  • LUX 6

The InScience theme program of 2023 is all about language. Language is at the core of our culture, it allows us to understand the world around us. But what do you do when the subject of your film does not speak a human language? How do you tell a story solely with images, in such a way that you keep your audience captivated? In other words: how do you develop your own visual language as a filmmaker? During this session we discuss these questions with filmmaker and director Martin Dohrn, famous for his work on David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries and the documentary My Garden of A Thousand Bees, for which Dohrn received the NTR Audience Award during InScience 2023. How did Dohrn develop his own language as a filmmaker? And what challenges did he encounter during this process?

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