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Mapping the Experience | Expo

Mapping the Experience | Expo

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Falling into infinite blackness, seeing a mysterious white being or spotting a wolf primed for attack: this is what children with absence epilepsy experience during an episode. Some have hundreds of episodes a day. All of these inner worlds come to life in the exhibition Mapping the Experience

This exhibition is part of the larger transmedia project, If You Are Not There, Where Are You? Initiator Maartje Nevejan asks herself this question in her search for a language for children with absence epilepsy. In her research, Nevejan partners ten children with artists who attempt to depict their experience. These ten co-creations, the VR installation In My Absence, a book publication and a research film can all be seen during the exhibition.

The project also includes the documentary Ik ben er even niet, which will be screened during InScience on Friday 8 November at 7:00 PM and on Saturday 9 November at 1:15 PM After both screenings, the filmmaker will visit the exhibition and hold a follow-up discussion with the audience.

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