InScience Film Festival


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The Exploratorium features strange combinations of animal organs, houses a casino filled with vegetables, and puts wallflowers in the spotlight. We will explore the possibilities and impossibilities of genetic modification. In this museum laboratory for young and old, the realities of science fiction are blurred and the boundaries are pushed.

Create, change, feel, select, taste, observe and smell your way through our lab. Immerse yourself in science and experience how genetic modification can save the world. But, as genetically modified Spiderman once said: “With great power comes great responsibility.” We will also explore the dangers of GMOs among the bubbling beakers and the rattling reactors.

In collaboration with various artists, HAN University and Radboud university medical center, InScience offers a new scientific experience and a unique glimpse into the wondrous world of GMOs. Come to the Exploratorium and immerse yourself in a world of scienc!

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