InScience Film Festival
Canceled – InScience doet onderzoek @ LUX

Canceled – InScience doet onderzoek @ LUX

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Come and participate in a scientific research study! InScience features innovative, interactive, and visual experiments by scientists from all over the country. You can’t get much closer to science than this!

Robots are no longer a thing of the future. They are already used in healthcare and space travel because of their accuracy. There are social robots as well, that are used to combat loneliness. We will have to learn how to relate to these technical feats. How can you bond with a robot, or even become friends with it? The development of human-robot relationship is researched by Luca Leisten, Tibor Bosse, Evelien Heijselaar (Radboud University) and Ruud Hortensius (Utrecht University). Are you ready to meet a real robot and play together?

It is of course important that when a surgeon operates on a patient, that this goes perfectly. Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination can sometimes be vital. That is why surgeons (in training) have to practice a lot. But how can you best do this? Pediatric surgeon Sanne Botden and her team are investigating this. Come and try out how this works, but above all: fill out the questionnaire and give your opinion! How do you think surgeons should learn to operate?

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