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Hope Frozen

Hope Frozen

  • Language talk: Dutch
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  • € 2,50

Einz is a two-year-old girl from Bangkok who lost her battle with brain cancer. She is also the youngest person to ever be cryogenically frozen at the request of her Buddhist parents. Their oldest son, fifteen-year-old whiz kid Matrix, explores whether science can one day help his sister Einz to be reborn. Hope Frozen follows the family, who hope to experience her rebirth in a new body.

TALK What is mourning? What does it take to process grief? What are the consequences if a family clings to the hope of life after death? And what does it mean for someone who has died to be brought back to life centuries later? Before the film, we will examine these questions together with Yvonne Engels, professor in Meaningful Healthcare at Radboudumc. In her work she argues for more attention for palliative care, the care aimed at quality of life in the run-up to an announced death. What are her views on Hope Frozen

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