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Healthy Futures – Narratives of Self-Tracking

Healthy Futures – Narratives of Self-Tracking

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Quickly measuring your blood pressure, checking your blood sugar through a wire in your eye, or scanning your breasts while doing your morning routine in the bathroom mirror. We like to check our health through technology, but how are we really doing? This exhibition takes you into the future of self-tracking and self-care. Listen, experience, and see how stories of the Self are being shaped through speculative healthcare tech.  

For the exhibition, it is necessary to bring a mobile phone. Headphones are provided on-site. Does your phone not have an AUX input? Then make sure you bring an adapter with you.

This exhibition has been developed in collaboration with Oddstream and in collaboration with Novio Tech Campus ( and MyTemp), Sounding Bodies, Radboudumc, HAN University of Applied Sciences, and Wintertuin. The exhibition is made possible in part by the Municipality of Nijmegen.

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