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Is our care fair and inclusive? How can technology play a role in this?

During HAN Unexpected@InScience, the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) will screen the short science film CC for invited guests on 17 March. We will then discuss technology and equitable care with a number of experts, focussing on questions such as ‘Are artificial intelligence developments sufficient for the low-literate?’ and ‘What are the ethical aspects of the use of AI?’.

The experts are: Lisbeth Verharen (HAN lector Strengthening Social Quality and program manager for the Social – Fair Health priority area) and Clark Nowack (HAN lecturer-researcher Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Technology), Tjitske Boonstra (ParkinsonNet, project leader Diversity and Inclusion) and Nadia El Idrissi (Healthonomics, senior advisor inclusive care/health differences)

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This program component enriches HAN’s mission: improving the world through research and education with digital technology (Smart), reducing CO2 emissions (Green) and reducing socio-economic health differences (Social).

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