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GEODESIA by Wesley Goatley

GEODESIA by Wesley Goatley

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Every minute, 33,800 plastic bottles end up in our oceans. 
Every minute, 4,333,560 YouTube films are watched.

Statements like these attempt to humanise global issues such as climate change and the world economy. In GEODESIA, Wesley Goatley translates these simplified statements into a dynamic, polyrhythmic and audiovisual performance. The intense rhythms and images make data on urgent issues a physical experience, something that is not possible when these topics are discussed through traditional media. Wesley Goatley (UK) is an artist and researcher in the field of digital media. His art focuses on the history, politics and aesthetics of data, machine learning and network technologies.

After the performance, Goatley will discuss the impact of large-scale, global climate shifts and how this can be expressed in data with Lisa Doeland, external PhD candidate in History of philosophy at Radboud University. How can art ascribe meaning to reflections on this issue? The discussion will be moderated by Kiane de Kleijne, a PhD student at Radboud University’s Department of Environmental Science. 

This performance and the follow-up discussion is organised in collaboration with Oddstream, an organisation within the Lindenberg that works at the cutting edge between art and digital technology.

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