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Who doesn’t know ‘Earthrise’, the iconic photo of the Earth emerging from behind the Moon? Colourful and vulnerable, this is how astronauts see Earth from the dark universe. They return passionate advocates for sustainability. The VR programme for InScience 2019 gives you room to explore and literally flip your perspective on Earth. Who knows, that perspective may just give you a new-found respect for our planet.

‘Earthrise’ may be the most iconic photo of our planet, taken by astronaut William Anders during the Apollo 8 mission in 1968. This photo captured his longing for and renewed love of his home planet, a feeling shared by many others who see this photo. This VR project is an ode to the photo that captures the earthrise from the perspective of a moon traveller. From a space station, you can study the earth in more detail and see the shocking impact that people have on the planet.

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