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City Lab

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At the NEMO City Lab, we will explore the different ways to use DNA technology responsibly, together with experts and designers. Where do you draw the line and why? Together with the project #DNAdialoog we will ensure that the proceeds and insights are used to create a government report. Stop by the library and participate in stimulating co-creations and theatre interventions, and let us know what you think and what you want! All activities are free.

  1. De Kennismakers (knowledge creators). City Lab Kennismakers wants to hear your opinion. 
  2. Silent Disco Meningenfabriek (opinion factory). At the Meningenfabriek, we design opinions. Genetic modification has the potential to radically change our lives. Surely you have your own opinions about this. 
  3. DNA Scenarios. At City Lab Scenarios, you can design your own future. What choices would you make when it comes to DNA technology? Our experts and designers will literally sketch your vision of the future. 
  4. De Filterbubbel (filter bubble). Get to know your own filter bubbles. If you’d like to share more, sign up for an extra interview. 
  5. Het Kladblok (the notepad). Do you have an opinion or an idea about GMO and DNA technology, but don’t feel like chatting about it endlessly? Jot it down or sketch it out on our Notepad. 
  6. De Filterbrillen (the filter glasses). Our opinions are coloured by our filter bubbles. Once we’re inside our bubbles, we miss important insights from different perspectives. You, too, are in your own filter bubble. Do you want to get out? Or perhaps try a new bubble?

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