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Suppose you need care and you end up in a place where sensors and artificial intelligence help to monitor your well-being, or where you are nursed by robots. What is it like for healthcare staff to have a robot as a colleague? What opportunities do researchers see in these technical innovations?

These questions are central to the new TOEKOMSTBEELDEN project of the Radboud University, care organization Kalorama and InScience. As one of the sixteen WECOM projects of the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda 2023, in the coming year three filmmakers will each be linked to their own group of informal carers, scientists, professional healthcare workers and elderly people with specialist care needs. Each group exchanges knowledge and experience and makes a short film about the opportunities and threats of healthcare innovations.

The kick-off of TOEKOMSTBEELDEN was during InScience 2023. We told more about our plans and collected questions from the audience. The call for entry of this project is open. We are looking for filmmakers who, together with researchers and experts by experience, want to make speculative fiction about the future of technological healthcare innovations. We are also looking for researchers for this project whose work touches on technical innovations in healthcare.

This program is a collaboration with Kalorama and Radboud University, and is made possible in part by the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda.

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