InScience Film Festival


InScience offers researchers a unique platform for sharing their insights and for collecting data for their research in a festival setting where film and science imagination are central. Through experiments, research set ups and debates, InScience actively involves its audience in the creation of scientific knowledge and let them experience how scientific research is accomplished. Scientists from all disciplines form an important link in the festival program.

Call for research

InScience invites researchers to expose their research and collect data at the festival. All academic disciplines are welcome. In previous editions, for instance, scientists from Radboud University carried out the experiment Gaming Against Your BrainBy involving visitors in a game against their AI, they tested whether it could predict human action based on brain activityAnother experiment, First Dates, looked at the relationship between emotional and physical reactions of InScience visitors when meeting each other for the first time. During this experiment cognitive psychologists from Leiden University studied behavior, eye movements and heartbeat.  

Your Research at InScience 

Respond to this call for a chance to participate iInScience with your research (deadline July 4th). For both responses and general inquiries please contact Research Programmer, Irene Garofalo,at or +31 (0)6 57340780. 


What are the eligibility criteria for research projects at InScience?

  • The project serves a clear scientific goal.
  • The project is in line with the ethical guidelines of the VSNU.
  • The project is interesting and relevant for the audience of InScience.
  • The project actively involves InScience visitors (participation requires a maximum of 1 hour per participant). 

What does InScience offer?

  • A broad platform to collect data for scientific research.
  • An audience of more than 10.000 visitors, among which 2.200 students. 43% of the visitoris between the 18 and 30 years of age, 19% between the 31 and 45 years, and 20% between the 46 and 60 years. The majority of the visitors is highly educated (86%). 56% of the audience identifies as female, 43% as male, and <1 as other than male or female
  • A great opportunity to generate publicity for your research project.
  • Network and exchange opportunities with researchers and film professionals
  • In collaboration with InScience your research will be presented in a visually attractive way.  

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