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InScience and NEMO Kennislink have joined forces and launched the online Science Film Club: every first Wednesday of the month we meet online at 7.30 PM to watch a science film together and discuss it with researchers and each other. The moderation is in the hands of NEMO Kennislink editors Anne van Kessel and Esther Thole. Participation in the online program is free, but registration is required.

Wednesday 1 December - Let There Be Light

Is nuclear fusion the holy grail in the search for perpetual, cheap, and clean energy? In southern France, a team of international scientists is working on a revolutionary machine: a nuclear reactor that generates energy through nuclear fusion. Is this the ultimate solution for everything? And is it entirely unfindable? A story about a group of dedicated scientists determined to recreate a star on earth. Is this our best shot at an inexhaustible well of energy or a dangerous gamble?

After the film, we will talk to Marco de Baar, director of the Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research. And Sven Korving, a researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology, calls in from ITER – the large nuclear fusion test plant that is central to the documentary. How far are we now with nuclear fusion? Will it make all the dreams come true? Is this ambitious project worth the large public investment?

Let There Be Light – Wednesday 1 December, online from 19:30 – English spoken   suitable for all ages

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