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Human or Robot? The Art in Artificial Intelligence

Filmmaker Bruno Victor-Pujebet | Documentary | FR | 2015 | 65 min.

This documentary is about android and humanoid robots from the perspective of photographer Max Aguilera-Hellweg. In his quest to define what it means to be human, Aguilera-Hellweg highlights our increasingly intimate relationship with robots and documents human anatomy and the frontiers of robot technology. What distinguishes man from machine? And what does it mean to be human?

Is there any art in Artificial Intelligence? Is it possible for AI to create art in the same way a human being can? And if so, can this AI then be considered ‘intelligent’? What does that mean for understanding ourselves as human beings? Isn’t creativity the key human condition which seperates us from other beings and systems?
After the documentary Human or Robot? these questions will be discussed by Jos de Mul – professor Philosophy of Man and Culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Cynthia Liem – performing musician and computer science researcher at the TU Delft – and Pablo Núñez and Bram Loogman – creators of Jan Bot: EYE Filmmuseum’s first robot filmmaker, which is exhibited in the library during InScience. The discussion will be moderated by Marc Seijlhouwer from technology magazine De Ingenieur. For the film summary of Human or Robot? 

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • English Program

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