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  • Director: Alison McAlpine
  • Year: 2017
  • Country: Chile, Canada
  • Genre: Competition film
  • Duration: 110 min
  • Premiere: Dutch premiere

The images in this documentary are wild, intense and cosmic. Cielo is a cinematic reverie on the beauty of the night sky, as experienced in the Atacama Desert in Chile. On this spiritual and scientific journey, astrologists and desert dwellers share their love of the infinite sky and its many secrets. This love poem to the sky transports us to a quiet space within which we can ponder the infinite and the unknown. 

Marc van der Sluys is a researcher at the Sustainable Energy research centre at HAN University of Applied Sciences and is affiliated with Radboud University’s Department of Astronomy. He is also the founder of the popular astronomy website In introducing the film Cielo, he will explore questions like: How are stars born? How do astronomers search for other planets? How do telescopes help? And what can we see in the skies above the Netherlands? 

  • NTR competition
  • English Program

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