InScience Film Festival

On Tour ’23: Wageningen

In 2023, InScience filmfestival in Nijmegen showed 55 of the most impressive science films available at that time. The festival program highlights current challenges, from climate crisis to virus pandemic and from trauma to transphobia. These are films that also explore solutions, such as rewilding, neurotechnology, mass vaccines and groundbreaking medical science. Films that raise eyebrows. Films that celebrate wonder.

InScience will tour the Netherlands again in 2023. Experience the best of the fest throughout the country!

This year you can watch A Compassionate spy, My Garden of a Thousand Bees and Coextinction in Heerenstraat Theater in Wageningen. The screenings are introduced by an expert and there is an opportunity for discussion after the film.

A Compassionate Spy (3 december)

Physicist Ted Hall was the youngest scientist to help develop the plutonium bomb. In 1951, at the height of the Cold War, he shared secret nuclear information with the Soviet Union to prevent a global catastrophe. A Compassionate Spy brings this unique story to life in an electrifying spy thriller.

My Garden of a Thousand Bees (3 december)

As many as sixty species of bees appear to live there, right in his backyard. Martin Dohrn normally doesn’t come there very often, because he has been traveling the world as an award-winning maker of nature films for more than twenty years. Until he is suddenly housebound due to the lockdown. He meticulously shows the amazing world of bees in breathtaking images and he even develops a close bond with a single bee.

Coextinction (3 december)

In the Canadian documentary Coextinction, two passionate filmmakers investigate the fate of the endangered killer whale. This brings them into contact with activists, Indigenous leaders and renowned scientists on a journey of discovery that soon reveals many other dangers in the local ecosystem.

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