InScience Film Festival

On Tour ’23: Utrecht

In 2023, InScience filmfestival in Nijmegen showed 55 of the most impressive science films available at that time. The festival program highlights current challenges, from climate crisis to virus pandemic and from trauma to transphobia. These are films that also explore solutions, such as rewilding, neurotechnology, mass vaccines and groundbreaking medical science. Films that raise eyebrows. Films that celebrate wonder.

InScience will tour the Netherlands again in 2023. Experience the best of the fest throughout the country!

This year you can watch Garçonnières in Parnassos cultuurcentrum. The evening will be concluded with an in-depth and interactive program with two scientists from Utrecht University, Onur Şahin and Elena Bacchini, and a moderator.

The documentary maker of Garçonnières asks several men very honest questions in her documentary. Let’s talk about men! What does it mean to be a man? What is the 21st century man like? Can a man have emotions? The documentary is a disarming and entertaining portrait of masculinity.

Doors open: 8:15 PM
Movie starts: 8:30 PM
Language: English
Seat placement: vacant

Elena Bacchini is a PhD candidate in the field of social psychology. Elena’s research focuses on understanding how people react to different social changes – such as changing gender roles. Because changes in society can be viewed at times as threatening (for example to one’s identity or status), the goal of Elena’s research is to explore different ways in which people can come together and discuss change in order to feel more included and valued in an ever-changing society.

Onur Şahin is a postdoctoral researcher in the Faculty of Social Sciences, specializing in social inequalities—with an emphasis on gender roles. He currently explores how men can be more active in domains traditionally seen as ‘feminine’, like in household and childcare duties. In his ongoing project, over 1000 (mostly) heterosexual couples are followed over time to track how they divide tasks and responsibilities.

Garçonnières (9 november)

To make Garçonnières, filmmaker and anthropologist Céline Pernet sought men aged between 30 and 45 who wanted to answer her questions in front of the camera. Based on both personal and social considerations, she enters into an open conversation with them about modern manhood. A sincere portrait of masculinity, disarmingly and entertainingly told.

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