InScience Film Festival

On Tour ’23: Breda

In 2023, InScience filmfestival in Nijmegen showed 55 of the most impressive science films available at that time. The festival program highlights current challenges, from climate crisis to virus pandemic and from trauma to transphobia. These are films that also explore solutions, such as rewilding, neurotechnology, mass vaccines and groundbreaking medical science. Films that raise eyebrows. Films that celebrate wonder.

InScience will tour the Netherlands again in 2023. Experience the best of the fest throughout the country!

This year you can watch Into the Ice in Chassé Theater Breda. The screening will be introduced by an expert and there will be an opportunity for discussion after the film.

29 & 30 december: Into the Ice

Into the Ice takes you to the trenches of the climate crisis: the permafrost of Greenland. The ice is melting at a rapid pace here, which will cause sea levels to rise enormously and the consequences for our planet will be incalculable. In the wake of brave glaciologists, you descend dozens of meters deep into the ice for a unique journey into the melting heart of climate change.

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