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Yes! We announcing even more films for InScience 2020

The days are getting shorter and colder. But don’t worry, because that also means that it is almost time to be surprised by the impressive program of InScience 2020! Do you love architecture with a philosophical message, do you dream about space agencies like NASA or are you intrigued by meaningful folklore arts? Then you should not miss these films:

Indian Space Dreams

Sue Sudbury | Documentary | VK | 76 min | 2019 
The various projects of the American space agency NASA are a recurring topic at InScience, but did you know that India also has a space programme of its own? This moving and amusing documentary follows the development of the passionate Space Team in Bombay for five years in their quest to develop the first national satellite and launch it into space. All of this with just a fraction of the budget of the average NASA mission.

Henry Glassie: Field Work

Pat Collins | Documentary | IE | 101 min | 2019 
This stunning, meditative documentary about folkloric art is an enthralling portrait of people practising traditional crafts, such as pottery and woodworking. Sound boring? It’s anything but. Take the American anthropologist Henry Glassie, for example, who has studied different folk cultures in this way for the past fifty years. Glassie invites you to join him on a journey around the world to observe folk art and to discover what it can teach us.

Tension Structures

Adrian Duncan, Feargal Ward | Documentary | IE | 45 min | 2019
An international journey takes an engineer past unique structures from the distant and not-so-distant past that seem to defy the laws of nature. Along the way, he learns about the complex mathematical methods that prevent these ambitious structures from collapsing. In a poetic way he makes connections between the tensile strength of these buildings and society. Tension Structures is a unique visual experience that will give you a new appreciation of buildings.

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