InScience Film Festival

With thís film we will open InScience 2021

From transhumanism to data science and from healthy ecosystems to happiness hormones, our recipe is “A science film a day, keeps the doctor away”. Here are the new titles and the opening film of InScience 2021:

Opening film: Citizen Nobel

 Stéphane Goël / Documentary / CH / 2020 / 89 min

Citizen Nobel is an inspiring portrait of Jacques Dubochet, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2017. As an unknown physicist, what should he do with the sudden fame? What can he do with a voice that is heard by all? In his old age, he decides to reinvent himself to become an important figurehead in the fight against climate change. His secret: a ‘lust for life’.

Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet will be present online at the festival and will talk to the public during the opening!

The Campaign Against the Climate

Mads EllesøeDocumentary / DK, BE, NO, CHFI / 2020 / 53 min

It’s 1988, the world is ready to fight climate change. Until an influential lobby of oil companies and other stakeholders puts a stop to that. In this penetrating documentary, we meet the people who were paid to confuse and lobby against climate science as so-called ‘experts’. The Campaign Against the Climate opens a covers-up and zooms in on the motivations of those who, against their better judgment, denied global warming.

Absolute Denial

Ryan Braund / Animation / GB / 2021 / 71 min

Absolute Denial is an animation science-fiction thriller in which a machine takes over the life of its creator. The quirky young computer programmer David creates the most brilliant artificial intelligence ever. His supercomputer works exactly as hoped: perfectly. But his obsession isolates David from his friends and family. Now his only contact is a machine that is smarter than himself…

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