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Who is in charge? InScience 2019 about GMO

The 5th edition of InScience, International Science Film Festival Nijmegen takes place from 6 – 10 November. This years festival theme is about genetically modified organisms: organisms created by methods that alter the DNA, including CRISPR gene editing.

The scientific knowledge about Crispr-Cas is increasing rapidly. Crispr-Cas is the biggest scientific breakthrough of the past decades. Ethical issues where holding the progress of experiments with gene-editing for years. The announcement of the Chinese scientist He and the birth of gene-edited twins was a worldwide shock. Also scientists were concerned. The debate in the public arena is about ethical, religious and scientific objections. The opinions about what is ethically permitted change over time. Scientific research is offering new perspectives on these issues. The 5th edition of InScience is about the science, ethics and impact of the extensive applications of genetically modified organisms.


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