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What you don’t want to miss this last weekend

Nothing to do this weekend? That’s convenient! The best science films, talks and interactives of 2020 can be experienced for two more days on the online platform of InScience 2020. So grab your chance while you still can! What you can still experience this weekend:

Online Interactives

One of the most worrisome and urgent problems of our time is climate change. In the interactive program “Do You Know the Way to Utopia?” Our worries, dreams, fears and hopes about this crisis are made tangible. To get an idea of ​​what this utopia would have looked like, take part in InScience 2020’s curious online interactives!

City of Sound and Silence by the Sun City collective is a digital radio play that takes you to the city of the future. The Portal of the Kissinger Twins is an Instagram movie that makes the fear and uncertainty about the climate palpable through the help of a teen sharing her feelings. Animalia Sum by Bianca Kennedy and The Swan Collective is a satirical VR experience in which insects resist the idea that they could be the solution to climate problems. The creators of E.D.E.N., Daria Shkeleva and Konstantin Dovzhik show what a walk through utopian Eden could have been like. Experience these unique experiences on the online platform this weekend!

NTR Kennis van Nu Audience Award

The themes in the InScience program are endless. About the symbiosis of art and science, about the tiny hope of an eternal life, about inquisitive daredevils, and about revisiting our past and building our future. A selection of the best science documentaries has a chance of winning the InScience audience award: the NTR De Kennis van Nu Audience Award. After each film, the visitor can leave a rating on the platform by entering the number of stars they think a film derserves.

On Sunday, November 22, the film with the most positive reviews will be awarded the NTR De Kennis van Nu Audience Award 2020! So don’t forget to leave your review, because every vote counts!

Project Wiaspora about Coded Bias

How do colonial ways of thinking work through algorithms in our digital world – and our everyday life? Richard Kofi and Simone Zeefuik spoke with scientists Flavia Dzodan and Wayne Modest about what’s at stake if the algorithms that shape our technology are influenced by racism, sexism and colonial mindsets.

The episode of Project Wiaspora, the podcast for revolutionary futurists, is inspired by filmmaker Shalini Kantayya’s film Coded Bias. You can now easily listen to the podcast via Spotify. Do you want to get inspired as well? Coded Bias can be viewed via the online platform until November 22!

Satellite editions Wageningen & Delft

We are happy, because the cinemas can open their doors again! This means that the InScience satellite editions can take place. So you can still see the films of InScience on the big screen this year.

Tomorrow you can go for Hunting for Hedonia, Coded Bias and Picture a Scientist in Wageningen or Delft! In collaboration with Theater de Veste, Studium Generale Delft and Bèta Balie, the three films will be screened in Delft on 21 November. In collaboration with Heerenstraat Theater Wageningen, Wageningen Dialogues and Wageningen University & Research, these films will also be screened on 21 November.

In addition, there is a fantastic range of science films ready for you on the online platform. Still can’t figure it out? View our tips or watch the winning film of the Student Jury Award!

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