InScience Film Festival

We’re announcing the first films of InScience 2021!

Dive deep into the world of science and explore the future with films that take you to the depths of your brain, help you search for the core of our humanity and immerse you in wondrous ecosystems! These are the first titles of InScience 2021:

In Silico

Noah Hutton | Documentary | US | 2020 | 83 min | Dutch premiere

In 2009, Henry Markram announced the highly ambitious Human Brain Project. This extremely expensive project with a lot of publicity aims to develop a complete computer simulation of the brain within ten years. Director Noah Hutton gets full behind-the-scenes access right from the start, mercilessly capturing what it’s like to work on a project where there may be too much at stake. In Silico immerses you in the world of scientific top sport, multimillion-dollar investments, big egos, and even bigger ambitions.

Decending the Mountain

Maartje Nevejan | Documentary | CH, NL | 2021 | 78 min | Dutch premiere

How do psychedelics expand our consciousness? And how does this contribute to deep meditation? In a double-blind experiment, the two worlds of neuroscientist Franz Vollenweider and zen master Vanja Palmers come together. Under their watchful eye, experienced meditators embark on a mind-blowing ‘trip’ at a monastery in the Swiss mountains. This enchanting film shows us the value of psychedelics and mystical experiences for science and our humanity.

Son of Monarchs

Alexis Gambis | Fiction | MX, VS | 2020 | 97 min | Dutch premiere

Son of Monarchs tells the story of Mexican biologist Mendel. After the death of his grandmother, he returns from New York to his hometown, nestled in the majestic monarch butterfly forests of Michoacán, Mexico. This journey forces him to face past traumas and reflect on his hybrid identity. This poetic film pays tribute to all those scientists who leave their homes for their life’s work.

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