InScience Film Festival

We’re announcing 3 more films!

Dive deep into the world of science and explore the future with films that take you to the depths of your brain, help you search for the core of our humanity and immerse you in wondrous ecosystems! These are the new titles of InScience 2021:


Pernille Rose Gronkjaer / Documentary / DK / 2021 / 111 min / Dutch premiere

10 days. Within that time a group of the world’s foremost scientists and entrepreneurs has to present and further develop solutions to all world problems. Isolated in the famed Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, they set themselves to the greatest challenge there is, guided by just one keyword: optimism.


Patrick Sammon & Bennett Singer / Documentary / VS / 2020 / 80 min

It’s hard to imagine, but until 1973, doctors classified every queer person as mentally ill. Cured takes you on a campaign that led to a pivotal moment in the fight for LGBT equality: the decision by the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. These gripping pages of queer history are brought to life through rediscovered archival footage, new interviews, and a keen sense of what was at stake.

Red Heaven

Lauren DeFilippo & Katherine Gorringe / Documentary / VS / 2020 / 87 min

Six scientists are locked together in a small cabin for a year. They film each other sitting while living in each other’s pockets. Contact with family and other relatives is possible but delayed. Outside the hut, they find an inhospitable volcanic landscape where they can only go in a heavy spacesuit. Why? Because they are test subjects for the longest realistic Mars simulation ever. Can the six scientists sustain these harsh conditions for a year? Red Heaven offers an exciting look at the long-term effects of space travel.

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