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We are announcing even more InScience 2020 films!

While we are still enjoying a nice late summer, InScience 2020 is getting closer and closer. This means that we can reveal more films from our program! These films take you on a journey to the depths of your brain, expose you to experimental algorithms, and immerse you in wonderful ecosystems:

Coded Bias

Shalini Kantayya | Documentary | US, CN, GB | 2020 | 83 min

Coded Bias is a timely, thought-provoking documentary about the unexpected consequences of modern technology. During her time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, media researcher Joy Buolamwini discovered that facial recognition software had trouble recognising her face. The reason? Her skin colour. This compelled her to investigate the implicit bias in artificial intelligence, which revealed that many algorithms, most of which were designed by white men, respond differently or not at all to people of colour. Joy is now fighting for justice in today’s automated society, along with other female supporters.

Hunting for Hedonia

Pernille Rose Gronkjaer | Documentary | DK | 2019 | 87 min

In the 1960s, Robert Heath was one of the most renowned neurologists in the world. His research on deep brain stimulation used electrodes in the brain to stimulate feelings of happiness and to suppress negative emotions. However, his methods proved too controversial and ultimately destroyed his reputation. Decades later, with psychological problems such as depression and anxiety becoming more common, scientists are re-examining the possibilities of deep brain stimulation. While there has been some success, old ethical dilemmas are beginning to rise up like ghosts from the past. Could tiny wires in our brain really hold the key to happiness?

The Trouble with Nature

Illum Jacobi | Fictional | DK | 2020 | 95 min

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the immensity and the devastating beauty of nature? Philosopher Edmund Burke hasn’t. But that didn’t stop him in the 18th century from penning an influential essay on the sublimity of nature. In this comical film, Burke – deep in the throes of a midlife crisis – decides to write a sequel to this essay. He embarks on an expedition to the Alps to experience nature in all its glory. But there’s one problem: Burke soon realises that living in the great outdoors is not for him…

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