InScience Film Festival

Watch films at unique locations

InScience can not only be experienced in LUX this year. There are also unique film screenings at special locations.

The festival will open in the Vereeniging, with a special program around experimental film and a live soundtrack. In POST, platform for contemporary art in Nijmegen,  Geographies of Solitude will be screened, followed by a workshop on developing film in organic material. Pleistocene Park is shown in the natural history museum De Bastei, in collaboration with the literary festival Wintertuin. After the screening, a conversation about rewilding takes place between the colossal mammoth teeth with a performance by a writer, on the theme of solastalgia – the feeling of losing a home. In Triavium Schaatsbaan we invite visitors to come and see Into the Ice, with a talk by a polar researcher from Radboud University. Hot chocolate included!

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