InScience Film Festival

Unique screenings at special locations

InScience can not only be experienced in LUX this year. There are unique film screenings at special locations that are absolutely not to be missed. You can also experience InScience this year at Platform POST, natural history museum De Bastei and Schaatsbaan Triavium. The festival will open in the Vereeniging, with a special program around experimental film and a live soundtrack.

In POST, platform for contemporary art in Nijmegen, Geographies of Solitude will be shown. This documentary paints a beautiful portrait of Sable Island, full of impressive images of a dream landscape with dunes that is populated by wild horses – but also by increasing amounts of plastic from all over the world. Subsequently, Karel Doing will give a workshop on developing film in organic material, using plants from the soil of Nijmegen.

Pleistocene Park is shown in the natural history museum De Bastei, in collaboration with the literary festival Wintertuin. This film takes you to the Siberian steppe, where a Russian geophysicist wants to restore the Ice Age ecosystem. The target? Keeping the permafrost frozen through radical rewilding, aided by large herds of mammoths and other herbivores from around the world. The Siberian soil is a ticking time bomb: if it thaws, huge amounts of greenhouse gases will be released into the atmosphere, making it impossible to protect our planet from catastrophic warming.

After the film screening, environmental philosopher Martin Drenthen (Radboud University) asks whether we can still do it in the Netherlands: living together with wild animals. And if so, how? Literary organization Wintertuin has also lent us Jordi Lammers to put into words solastalgia – the feeling of losing a home.

In Triavium Schaatsbaan we invite visitors to come and see Into the Ice. This documentary takes you to the trenches of the climate crisis: the permafrost of Greenland. The ice is melting at a rapid pace here, which will cause sea levels to rise enormously – and the consequences for our planet will be incalculable. In the wake of brave glaciologists, you descend dozens of meters deep into the ice for a unique journey into the melting heart of climate change.

This special screening will have you shivering in the ice, just like the polar explorers in the film. Annelies Veraart (Radboud University) explains how it feels to do research in Spitsbergen, where you always have to be on the lookout for the polar bears that can no longer find a place on the melting caps.

We will provide the hot chocolate. Put on your warmest coat — the best polar explorer outfit wins a prize!

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