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Toekomstbeelden snelkookpan

Do technological solutions sometimes perpetuate the problems in healthcare? If we have a robot in the nursing home, what do we want from her? And who wouldn’t prefer to sit on the beach in Paramaribo all day, even if it is in VR?

Last weekend was an important moment for TOEKOMSTBEELDEN. We met for two days in the Kalorama nursing home. Filmmakers Brian den Hartog, Laura Heinig and Valerie Rutjes delved into the future of healthcare together with residents and employees of Kalorama, and with researchers in the field of technical innovations in healthcare. Together they created scenarios: what could healthcare look like in the near future?

We had philosophical and very personal conversations. Two researchers role-played the children of a lonely woman. A healthcare worker turned out to have a talent for robot imitations. We traveled through space via VR glasses (thanks to Go Short for lending it to us). We danced with a robot. We watched Westworld early Saturday morning. And we wondered: can humans also take care of the robot?

TOEKOMSTBEELDEN is a project of InScience, Radboud Universiteit and Kalorama – made possible by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). In the coming weeks, the filmmakers will start making their short films based on all the input. The films will premiere in March during the InScience film festival.

Photos below by Mohanad Ataya

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