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Today at InScience – Thursday 7 November

Yesterday, the festival kicked off with a musical performance by the Bio Orchestra, a sold-out screening of Human Nature and ‘Silent’ drinks. In other words: a fantastic start to the fifth edition! Today we have a program packed with interesting lectures, stunning films and a quiz full of brainteasers. Don’t know yet which program you want to visit? Read our recommendations here.

NEMO City Lab - Film Festival InScience 2019

City Lab

At the NEMO City Lab, we will explore the different ways to use DNA technology responsibly, together with experts and designers. Where do you draw the line and why? Together with the project #DNAdialoog we will ensure that the proceeds and insights are used to create a government report. Stop by the library and participate in stimulating co-creations and theatre interventions, and let us know what you think and what you want!

Still Cyberhive - Film Festival InScience 2019


The Exploratorium features strange combinations of animal organs, houses a casino filled with vegetables, and puts wallflowers in the spotlight. We will explore the possibilities and impossibilities of genetic modification. In this museum laboratory for young and old, the realities of science fiction are blurred and the boundaries are pushed. Create, change, feel, select, taste, observe and smell your way through our lab.

Still Hope Frozen - Film Festival InScience 2019

Hopen Frozen

Einz is a two-year-old girl from Bangkok who lost her battle with brain cancer. She is also the youngest person to ever be cryogenically frozen at the request of her Buddhist parents. Their oldest son, fifteen-year-old whiz kid Matrix, explores whether science can one day help his sister Einz to be reborn. Hope Frozen follows the family, who hope to experience her rebirth in a new body.

Still VR - Film Festival InScience 2019

Carroll's Riddles

Lewis Carroll is best known as the author of Alice in Wonderland, but what few people know is that he was also a mathematician with a special interest in logic. In this capacity, he penned his book Game of Logic, a mathematical method to describe logic in an informal style. This VR game combines the Game of Logic with Carroll’s interest in language to create brain-twisting riddles that throw your sense of logic for a loop. Are you as good at formulating simple sentences as you think?

Still Auspicio - Film Festival InScience 2019

Shorts: A Different View

Sometimes it’s all about perspective. The flight of birds tells us something about our own lives locked on land. A seemingly natural landscape reveals it’s artifice. A dead language becomes a living thing again. A messy card box gets an unexpected personal meaning. And transgender people are humanized once they are no longer studied as an abnormality. Shorts about surprises that science can reveal to us and which may change us.

Still 700 Sharks - Film Festival InScience 2019

700 Sharks

In a ground-breaking experiment in Polynesia, five of the most experienced underwater scientists in the world study the largest school of sharks every recorded. The researchers spent three years preparing to immerse themselves in a frenzy of 700 sharks at night, when they are at their most aggressive. They put their lives on the line to study the mysterious hunting strategies and social behaviour of these creatures.

VR Film Festival InScience - c Almicheal Fraay

InScience does research

Come and participate in a scientific research study! InScience features innovative, interactive and visual experiments by scientists from all over the country. You can’t get much closer to science than this! Discover the possibilities at the information point in Café Lux.

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