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Today at InScience – Saturday 9 November

Today is the fourth day of InScience! The past three days were full of fascinating films and inspiring keynote speakers. We also brought together scientists and filmmakers in a successful expert meeting, InVision, and opened the exposition Mapping the Experience, part of the project Are You There? by Maartje Neevejan at De Lindenberg.

If you’re planning on visiting multiple films this weekend, be sure to buy an InScience Ticket Strip. The Ticket Strip gives you access to three programs for only €20,-.

Big Idea: Britt Wray

Thanks to recent advances in science and technology, particularly in the field of genetic manipulation, people are being confronted with a question that sounds straight out of a science fiction plot: should we bring back the so-called necrofauna, or extinct animal species? Other than being a sensational plot for a blockbuster film, this question encompasses a complex network of ethical, social and scientific issues. Which extinct animals should be brought back? In what environment and with what purpose? Should we be worried that these extinct species will face the same problems as our endangered species today, or worse? It is Britt Wray’s mission to shed light on this possible new scientific domain. In her lecture, she will address the potential and the dangers of bringing a mammoth back to life.

Author and researcher Britt Wray named Genesis 2.0 as her favourite film. She will discuss several futuristic hypothesis proposed in the film during her keynote speech.

Tips from our programmers

Choosing can be difficult, especially if you have to choose from a packed festival program. That is why our programmers have put their heads together and made a tip list. These are the programs that you absolutely should not miss:

  • Alice et le Maire
    Alice et le Maire is a dialogue between two opposing personalities who turn their certainties upside down and explore the possibilities and limitations of politics and how these change over time.
    Sat 9 Nov, 21:00 – 23:15 | Buy your tickets here

  • Beyond the Visible: Hilma Af Klint
    Beyond the Visible is about Hilma af Klint’s life, her work, and the role of women in art history.
    Sat 9 Nov, 15:30 – 17:35 | Buy your tickets here

  • Curiosity and Control
    Curiosity and Control is a journey through the world of Western natural history museums and zoological gardens. The stories – told by historians, architects, zoo managers and a museologist – are about curiosity, control, the desire to preserve and the connection with the natural world.
    Sat 9 Nov, 18:00 – 19:30 | Buy your tickets here

  • Around the Sun
    Around the Sun is a stunning portrait of two people trapped in a confusing world of time and space. Is their connection real or just a projection of the characters from a book?
    Sat 9 Nov, 21:30 – 23:15 | Buy your tickets here
    Sun 10 Nov, 19:45 – 21:30 | Buy your tickets here

  • GMO Classics on the big screen
    The InScience 2019 program not only features the fifty best science films that have appeared worldwide last year, but also three GMO classics! Don’t miss this opportunity to see Bride of Frankenstein, Gattaca and Jurassic Park on the big screen!
    More information and tickets

InScience Junior

For the young scientists among us, InScience has created an exciting junior program. Go on an adventure with Tito on Saturday, searching for the ultimate cure for fear in Tito and the Birds. Meet the funny, surprising and charming Mr. Link in the touching nature documentary Queen Without Land on Sunday. Specially for all scientists-to-be, we finish the junior program with the Science Quiz full of fun live experiments, movie clips, crazy scientists and tough questions. Join us to see if you have what it takes to become the smartest junior scientists of 2019!

Award Show

On Saturday 9 November, we will present the awards for the best films. The nominated films will participate for a chance to win the NTR De Kennis van Nu Award, the InScience Jury Award and the Student Jury Award. Elisabeth van Nimwegen from the NTR programme De Kennis Van Nu will present the awards.

The Award Show is freely accessible on Sat 9 Nov in LUX.

Foto: Studio Another Day


The Exploratorium features strange combinations of animal organs, houses a casino filled with vegetables, and puts wallflowers in the spotlight. We will explore the possibilities and impossibilities of genetic modification. In this museum laboratory for young and old, the realities of science fiction are blurred and the boundaries are pushed.

The Exploratorium is freely accessible on Sat 9 and Sun 10 Nov at the Mariënburgkapel.

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