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Fifth edition 06 t/m 10
nov 2019

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Tips for festival day 4

So much to see and to do on festival day 4! Cannot choose? Read our tips here! If you are planning to visit multiple programs, get the InScience ticket strip. With the ticket strip you can visit three programs for €18.-.

film / inventing tomorrow (laura nix)

Six passionate teens prepare for the world’s biggest contest for secondary school students: the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Motivated by problems and experiences in their very own backyards, they develop ideas and cutting-edge solutions to the world’s environmental threats. They travel to Los Angeles to participate in ISEF and meet thousands of peers from around the world. A sense of global brotherhood and sisterhood quickly develops in an effort to improve the world.

Thousands of Dutch pupils participate in science competitions each year. Stichting Leerplan Ontwikkeling, which organises these contests, will briefly explain how this works in the Netherlands. Two former participants of an international competition will share their experiences.

The program starts at 15:45 in LUX 2. Tickets are available here.

film / ozone hole: how we saved the planet (jamie lochhead)

The unsettling discovery that chemical gasses (CFCs) possibly damaged the ozone layer turned the world upside down in the 1980s. Without the ozone layer, our planet would have no protection against the sun. Scientists and politicians convinced two of the most unlikely eco-warriors in history – Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher – to take action. This resulted in a historic treaty: for the very first time, the world decided to ban environmentally harmful substances. A striking story about how Ronnie and Maggie saved our planet.

Psychologist Annahita Nezami (City University London), professor of Control Systems Engineering Aart-Jan de Graaf (HAN), and filmmaker Jamie Lochhead try to get their head around the important question: How can we move people to do something about the current climate crisis?

The program starts at 13:30 in LUX 2. Tickets are available here.

talk / max welling about life with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is hailed as a technology as disruptive as electricity or the internet. This begs the question, how is AI going to transform society and impact our every day lives? Max Welling will discuss the current state of the field, it’s benefits and threats. Will AI replace humans on the labour market? Is AI fair and objective or will it discriminate? Can we benefit from AI and at the same time retain our privacy? Will all our decisions be taken by algorithms and what does that imply for our sense of free will? How easy can we be manipulated by algorithms and what does that mean for democracy? Will we all be interlinked and lose our sense of individuality? Will the boundary between the real and virtual world blur when augmented reality becomes real? After this talk, you will not have all the answers, but you will hopefully be better equipped to form an educated opinion.

The program starts at 19:30 in the Synthonzaal in LUX. Tickets are available here.

DIY-lab / technology of the future

Everything will be better in the future. Right? Experience the future today. Programme Lego robots to complete an obstacle course or separate biomaterials so we can use them sustainably in the future.

The program takes place from 13:00 – 18:00 in the Mariënburgchapel and has free entrance.

interactive / nemo city lab

Did you know that AI is responsible for lots of things in smart cities? From your traffic behavior and which people you meet on the street to the shops you enter. Sometimes you will be aware of it, but often you’re not. AI will become even more prevalent in the future. Is this a good development or should we be concerned? NEMO City Lab invites you to explore and discuss this issue. Step into our filter bubble and explore your own assumptions, join a silent disco, attend mini-lectures, or design your own smart city with the help of illustrators.  The results will be made available to other visitors during the festival weekend.

The program takes place from 13:00 – 17:00 in the library De Mariënburg and has free entrance.

Photo by Almicheal Fraay.