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On November 4 and 5 InScience Amazing Discoveries will take place, with the seven most striking and memorable films in the history of InScience. From mind-expanding voyages in interstellar space, to ethical challenges in cryogenics, touching portraits of storied scientists and animated explorations of philosophy – we’ve collected a line-up of films and talks that’s truly all killer, no filler. We’ve just opened the ticket sales for Amazing Discoveries, so you can get your tickets for the special edition festival here before they’re all gone!

Because this is a special edition, we want to do something special, and give you the opportunity to choose how much you want to pay for your ticket! Support us in a way that works for you, and choose your own ticket price – €2.50, €5 or €10 – the choice is yours! You can also purchase a discounted passe-partout ticket for our entire program at Amazing Discoveries here.

We can’t wait for you to join us at LUX Nijmegen to enjoy our collection of films, dive into debates with the leading thinkers and makers of our time, and discover something truly amazing with us.

The Very Best Films of InScience...

To celebrate our storied seven-year past in Nijmegen, we’ve collected some of the most highly-acclaimed, astonishing films that have been screened at InScience Festival. This means that you’ll be spending the weekend on the 4th and 5th of November discovering the miracles of our galaxy with The Farthest, an epic recount of the Voyager mission to interstellar space, told by the very scientists who embarked on this fascinating unmanned mission. Zoom your perspective right back to earth with Inventing Tomorrow , a resoundingly positive look into solutions to climate change and the teenagers who created them.Take a kaleidoscopic trip into the curious mind and world of Noam Chomsky with Michel Gondry’s animated documentary feature Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? Another animated feature, Absolute Denial , is a singular and thrilling story of artificial intelligence and psychological downfall, and is one not to be missed!

We’re also very excited to present to you The Peacemaker , an intriguing portrait of renowned professor Padraig O’Malley and his mission to create peace in some of the most dangerous crisis zones on Earth, all while struggling with his own issues with addiction. One audience favorite returning this year is Hope Frozen , a compelling documentary depicting the life of a Thai family and their cryogenically-frozen infant daughter. Finally, experience the trials and tribulations of one of the most fascinating figures of contemporary science in Oliver Sacks: His Own Life.


The Farthest ( Emer Reynolds, 2017)

...And So Much More!

Of course, there’s more than meets the eye at InScience, and we strive to enrich every film we show with presentations, discussions and debates from leading thinkers and makers on topics surrounding each film. This special edition is no different! We are very excited to exercise, explore and expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us with speakers including director of the Max Planck Institute Peter Hagoort ; expert in palliative care Yvonne Engels ; HAN Associate Lecturer in care and wellbeing Erik Jansen ; Neurologist Bas Bloem of Radboudumc; and Astrophycisists Hyerin Jang and Antonio Vecchioof Radboud University. We will also be giving a platform to young creators and makers from HAN, who will pitch new and inspiring innovations and solutions to our climate crisis, and host a challenging and riveting discussion on artificial intelligence with researchers from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and behavior.

And on top of all this, as always with InScience: expect the unexpected! Immersive decorations, an enlightening junior program for the young ones and so much more awaits you at our special edition Amazing Discoveries.

Get your tickets and choose your price here for our special edition Amazing Discoveries!

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