InScience Film Festival

Theme: Van Eigen Bodem

The rich festival program of InScience includes 59 films, of which no fewer than 36 are being shown in the Netherlands for the first time. Trouble with choosing which films you want to watch? No worries, we will help you to get started by presenting various thematic program sections.

With Van Eigen Bodem InScience presents surprising homegrown films about science.

Mechanisms Common to Disparate Phenomena; #59 is without a doubt the most dazzling film of the festival. The Dutch experimental filmmaker Joost Rekveld made a unique film using computer technology that was developed for military purposes in the 1960s. The film starts from the work of Yoshisuke Ueda, a Japanese computer scientist and one of the founders of chaos theory. Joost Rekveld was a guest at the Opening Night of InScience 2023 last year, where he presented an excerpt from this film.

In the poetic-philosophical documentary Neutrino – the poet among elementary particles, the invisible quantum world and tangible reality come together in encounters with colorful scientists and villagers of a Japanese mountain – which houses the Super-Kamiokande Neutrino Detector at a depth of a thousand meters. A film that starts as a personal journey of discovery into physical knowledge and grows into a universal existential quest.

With NetherLENS we focus on no fewer than seven homegrown short films about science. From documentary to dance film and from animation to evolutionary biology: this is a program with many flavors. We learn more about the mysterious mycorrhiza, underground fungi that are essential for the root system of plants, in The Underground Astronaut. The moving documentary New Eye shows the craft behind making eye prostheses. In Moving Mountains we climb the Himalayan mountains, together with scientists who have to check the measuring equipment with which they monitor climate change at a height of thousands of meters.

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