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The online interactive program of InScience 2020

One of the most worrisome and urgent problems of our time is climate change. In the interactive program ‘Do You Know the Way to Utopia?‘ our concerns, dreams, fears and hopes about this crisis are made palpable. In collaboration with various Nijmegen museums and galleries, interactive installations, games and VR experiences were realized that gave you the opportunity to discover an ecological utopia. Unfortunately, to prevent dystopia, this program has been canceled. However, you can still participate in the curious online interactives of InScience 2020 to get an idea of ​​what this utopia would have looked like!

City of Sound and Silence

  • SUN CITY // NL

You are walking through a seemingly ordinary city, but it sounds different. The noises caused by fossil resources have been removed. This gives you a surprisingly unnatural experience and makes you aware of what the city of the future may sound like. Originally intended as an interactive installation, this project has now been converted into a radio play on which you can share your own experience.

The Portal


In the Instagram movie The Portal, you follow 15-year-old Anna, a teenage girl who, like many peers, lives in fear because the planet appears to be in danger. Through a strange portal, she can look into the future that gives her an unexpectedly optimistic outlook on life.

Watch this movie on the Instagram page The Portal Diaries. Click through the highlights to follow the story.

Animalia Sum


In this bizarre, satirical VR experience, insects respond in a blunt way to the suggestion that they might be a good food source in the fight against world hunger. This 360 ° YouTube film premieres at InScience! The image of this video can be rotated 360 ° by using the computer mouse. With anaglyph glasses it can even be seen in 3D!



A walk through the Earthly Paradise sounds attractive. Who wouldn’t want to walk through a perfect, pure natural environment? In this interactive installation you can briefly tour the Garden of Eden, but beware: the presence of humans can easily disturb the natural balance. Because corona makes it impossible to bring this installation live to the visitor, the makers demonstrate it online and talk about their inspiration.

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