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Day 5 of InScience 2020

We have already arrived at the fifth day of InScience 2020. We have another great program ready for today. For example, the winner of the fifth Klokhuis Science Prize will be announced via a livestream from the InScience studio! In the afternoon you can think about economic inequality in the latest Big Idea with Joyeeta Gupta and in the evening the dilemmas of deep brain stimulation are discussed. So a lot of variation on the Sunday afternoon! Are you joining us?

The Klokhuis Science Prize

  • Presentation / Dutch / Sun 15 Nov / 12:00 pm / livestream

A top ten was made from over 60 submissions and a total of 4086 children voted! The top three are now known: the studies ‘Can you lie better than your parents?’, ‘How do bilingual children in Friesland read?’, And ‘Poop bacteria and cancer treatment, what do they have to do with each other ?!’ receive votes. The winner will be announced this afternoon by Klokhuis presenter Janouk Kelderman from our studio. The research ‘Brains in your stomach?’ By medical researcher Veerle Melotte (Maastricht UMC +) was the winner of the fourth Klokhuis Science Prize. The project is about a second pair of brains that would reside in your stomach. The Klokhuis episode about this research can be seen on television on Tuesday 17 November, but today you can already enjoy a sneak peak of this episode during the livestream. Don’t miss it!

Big Idea Joyeeta Gupta - Sharing Our Earth

  • Interview / English / Sun 15 Nov / 3:30 pm / 60 min / livestream

Joyeeta Gupta, Professor of Environment and Development in the South at the University of Amsterdam, is lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore. Gupta argues that thinking about justice is not only wise in solving these problems: it is necessary. The world’s poorest people pay the highest price for climate change, while those who directly and indirectly cause global environmental problems are the richest people in the world. Joyeeta Gupta has a conversation with moderator Koos Wagensveld (HAN) about the relationship between sustainability and inequality in our current economic system and how we can make the future better for everyone.

The dilemmas of Deep Brain Stimulation

  • Talk / Dutch / Sun 15 Nov / 21.00 / 45 min / livestream

Are we our brain? With electrodes in our brains, we can feel less pain, move better, become more apathetic, or be happier. But are we still ourselves? Could someone with depression be themselves after a treatment with Deep Brain Stimulation? When is personality change permissible? Neurologist Rianne Esselink and neurosurgeon Saman Vinke regularly encounter these dilemmas in their work at Radboudumc. Together with philosopher Pim Haselager (Donders Institute) they explore ethical dilemmas with the public in connection with the documentary Hunting For Hedonia.

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