InScience Film Festival

The 7th edition of InScience is scheduled with campaign ‘Lust for Life’

This year, InScience will make live programs wherever possible. With a lust for life, we will go live from 10 – 14 November 2021!

Hybrid festival edition

The program consists of the best science films released in the past year. This year InScience presents a hybrid festival. As usual, InScience organizes film screenings, talks, and other programs in and around the halls of LUX and at various locations in Nijmegen. Next to that, part of the program will be available to everyone in the Netherlands via our online platform. In addition, the best of the InScience program can be seen in several university cities under the title InScience On Tour.

Ticket sales start on Thursday 21 October. From then on, the full program will also be online, including the theme program ‘Lust for Life’.

Lust for Life

”InScience is celebrating life with this year’s campaign. Because we see how strong the urge is to go on and just make something out of it. How committed we are to each other and life around us. We see this reflected in the record number of submitted films: filmmakers have certainly not been sitting still. Their films show the life’s work of scientists and the search for answers to big and small life questions. That is essentially what InScience is all about: to immerse yourself in special, enlightening, astonishing stories about all facets of this life. And this year we hope to be able to do that together in person.”, says festival director Daisy van de Zande.

Theme program

A special theme program based on the campaign slogan focuses on healthy living. Because we do everything for our health! That seemed to be the motto of the whole world last year. The corona crisis not only emphasized our physical vulnerability: it also highlighted mental and emotional well-being. Death suddenly came close, we lacked touch and many mused about the happiness of sweaty dancing in crowded clubs. The weaknesses of our healthcare system were painfully exposed. The necessary balance between people, animals, and the environment became clearly visible. For example, we saw how the reduction of human activity led to an enormous reduction in CO2 emissions.

All this has given new urgency to the various forms of health – physical, mental, social, planetary, the quality of life itself. In 2021, with the theme ‘Lust for Life’, InScience will investigate the importance of a healthy life, now and in the future, for people, animals, and the planet. Science plays an essential role in ensuring a healthy(er) life. InScience sheds light on these scientific advances. And what we should think about this. Our recipe for 2021 is: “A science film a day, keeps the doctor away”.

Just now that life has come to a standstill, InScience thinks it is time for an ode to (healthy) life. To the vibrant life. To the pensive life. To the fragile life. To our wonderful body that endures so much. To the innovations that improve our health. To the life of our planet – can we still heal it? And to our living together, with a critical look at the influence of living together on individual well-being. Perhaps to eternal life. We immerse ourselves in life, in the cinema, and in science. We’re going to experience it. We will marvel together. Who would want to live forever? And who doesn’t care about that question because they are mainly concerned with survival? And on Saturday evening we dance together again because dancing is – as science shows – very good for your health. And that health still comes first.

Concept and design: Studio Another Day. Photography: Roy Soetekouw. Videography: Niek&Nena.

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