InScience Film Festival

The 6th edition of InScience: Our Future in the Making

January 2020. The team of InScience gets together to determine the theme of the sixth edition. We soon decide: transformation will be the theme, with the statement ‘Our Future in the Making’. Not knowing that just three months later life and the world as we know it would look completely different.

Is this the moment when we can make the major revolution that the climate desperately needs? But who has control over our future? And what will our future look like? Are you hopeful about the possibilities or concerned about what we might lose? One thing is certain: the world is undergoing a major transformation and you are part of it.

Hybrid festival

To make InScience 2020 possible, we have to be creative. That is why we present an exclusive film program in LUX Nijmegen and at special locations throughout the city. But we will not just bein Nijmegen; this year we are screening the best of the InScience program in eight different university cities in the Netherlands. But do you feel safer at home? Then we will simply bring InScience into your living room. Because our film program can be viewed and experiences online as well. So be amazed, have conversations, get angry, play along, be inspired!

Faces of InScience

The corona pandemic gives an idea of what a radically different way of life can mean, both for individuals and for society. Is this the moment when we can make the major revolution that the climate needs? At InScience we feel the necessity and urgency of this theme. That is why this year we are promoting the statement ‘Our Future in the Making’ and we step into the spotlight ourselves: the faces that wear this statement in the InScience 2020 campaign are the people behind the festival. People who see their dreams and concerns, who see opportunities and threats projected into images of the future. This is how we open the conversation.

Design: Studio Another Day. Photography: Roy Soetekouw. Videography: Niek Groven.

Our Future in the Making - Campaign Film Festival InScience 2020 - Bas

Meet Bas
”Our Future in the Making evokes the need to act. I myself want to have the greatest possible positive impact on the people and the environment around me. The importance of the theme lies for me in that first word ‘our’. It’s not my future, not your future, we have to do it together. And it emphasizes that we also have a say in decisions about where we are going with society and with each other.”

Our Future in the Making - Campaign Film Festival InScience 2020 - Yvette

Meet Yvette 
”For me, the value of InScience lies in making something abstract like science accessible to a great diversity of people. I think it is important to propagate this theme because it forces me to focus on how I can adapt my lifestyle in the short term, but also in the long term, to a form that is more sustainable.”

Our Future in the Making - Campaign Film Festival InScience 2020 - Maher

Meet Maher 
”I like to work as a volunteer at InScience, but I find it even more important to get this message across to the public. The theme Our Future in the Making is important because everything on Earth revolves around the future. Every step we take now triggers a change in the future. And so, it is very important to show people what they can do and show them how they can tackle things.”

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