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Statement: InScience 2020 is still on!

2020 is a strange year for everyone in the world, including InScience. The global crisis requires an interpretation of scientific knowledge, the way in which that knowledge is generated and its impact on society. At InScience, which draws attention to urgent matters with its extensive film program and allows the audience to engage in dialogue with scientists and filmmakers, we feel the need for this more than ever. That is why InScience is still on!

The InScience team has put together the program for the sixth edition with unprecedented resilience and creativity. We will do everything we can to make that program available to everyone. And we do this in three ways:

1. Film program in LUX

Because we believe that the film experience has a transformative power, and these times call for strong stories that provide insight into the work of scientists, the film program continues in the film theaters. Between November 11 and 15 we will screen each film once in the theaters. Ticket sales for the physical film program in LUX Nijmegen start on Thursday, October 22.

2. Online program with films, lectures, panel discussions and more

Most films can be seen on the online platform of InScience after the opening of the festival on 11 November. The conversations that we initially planned in the halls will also partially be moved to the online platform. You can talk to experts, creative thinkers, and scientists at set times. All films and talks will remain available up to and including November 22.

Unfortunately, the interactive exhibition Do You Know the Way to Utopia which would take place in various museums and galleries in the center of Nijmegen, is canceled.

3. Film program in 10 other university cities

In order to limit travel and movement for visitors as much as possible, we organize a ‘best-of’ program in 10 university cities in the Netherlands: our satellite editions. The programs in these cities show the best films from the InScience program and are organized in collaboration with universities, academies and local cinemas. This way InScience is always near you! Find out more here.

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