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Poor Things prepremiere (InScience x LUX)

Yesterday it was announced that Poor Things, the new film by Yorgos Lanthimos, has been nominated no fewer than 11 times for an Oscar. There will be a special preview in LUX on Wednesday, January 31, for which InScience will provide an introduction.

Our Talks programmer Kiki Kolman will discuss gender roles and social norms of behavior with Els Rommes (Radboud University): what do you do or not do because society expects it of you?

Poor Things tells the incredible story and fantastic evolution of Bella Baxter (Emma Stone), a young woman brought back to life by the brilliant and unorthodox scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe).

Bella is eager to learn and lives a sheltered life at Baxter. She lacks knowledge about the world around her, but has an urge to learn more about it. That’s why Bella runs off with Duncan Wedderburn (Mark Ruffalo), a slick and loose lawyer. They experience a dazzling adventure around the world. Freed from the prejudices of her time, Bella becomes steadfast in her purpose to stand up for equality and liberation.

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