InScience Film Festival

Opening Night

During the opening of the eight edition not only InScience will start to experiment, but the audience will join too. Avant-garde filmmakers usually try to reinvent the form and language of cinema. For inspiration, they frequently look at that other domain that specializes in experimentation: science. That’s why it is so fitting that InScience opens with a showcase of the meeting of both these fields.

In four short films, selected in collaboration with EYE Filmmuseum, we get an overview of how the experimental science film has developed over the years. The program starts with a classic from the 1930’s and ends with a student project from 2023. In between we also check in with Dutch grandmaster Joost Rekveld and the German Robert Seidel. Along the way you’ll see and feel plants, math and artificial intelligence as if for the first time. It isn’t just film we present: there is also room for music by local talent Mart Boumans, who will provide a new live score for one of the films.

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