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New edition Science Film Club with film ‘Ozone Hole: How We Saved The Planet’

InScience and NEMO Kennislink have launched the online Science Film Club: every first Wednesday of the month we meet online at 19:30 to watch a science film together and discuss it with researchers and each other. On 6 October at 7.30 PM we will screen Ozone Hole: How We Saved The Planet (Jamie Lochhead, 2017).

Ozone Hole: How We Saved The Planet

On Wednesday 6 October, the fourth edition of the Science Film Club will delve into a remarkable event in history with the documentary Ozone Hole: How We Saved The Planet. Back to the eighties. The disturbing news that the chemical gases (CFCs) may be causing the depletion of the ozone layer rocked the world. Because without the ozone layer, the earth is unprotected against the vagaries of the sun. Scientists and politicians convinced two of the most unlikely ‘eco-warriors‘ in history – Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher – to take action. A historic treaty: for the first time, the world decided to ban substances that appeared to be harmful to the environment. A special story about how Ronnie and Maggie saved the planet.

We watch the film online together and then discuss it with experts and the public. In the follow-up discussion, we draw a parallel with the climate crisis that is still raging at full speed. Even now, international agreements are essential to curb CO2 emissions. Why did it work when the ozone layer had to be saved? What can we learn from then to get our world leaders moving again? And is that process already underway? We will talk to Guus Velders, researcher of Air Quality and Climate Interactions at Utrecht University.

Ozone Hole: How We Saved The Planet – Wednesday 6 October, online from 19:30 – Suitable for all ages – English spoken and not (NL) subtitled – 55 min

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