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New at InScience: these 5 workshops

New this year are the five workshops on the program. You can, for example, learn how to break free from your fixed thinking patterns with photographic detective Hans Aarsman and filmmaker Joost van de Loo or learn to discover and create art through the microscope. Curious? View the workshops below!

Mystieke gesprekken

Thursday 11 November / 16:00 / 90 min / NL / YogaPoint / € 7,50

Meaning, meditation, and spirituality. The strong focus on individual performance in our society is slowly evolving into a focus on the connection between humans and nature. According to director Maartje Nevejan (Descending the Mountain, 2021), the revaluation of mysticism is desperately needed to change fragmentation in our society to a sense of unity. During this workshop, you will take part in a discussion with philosophers, Zen masters, artists, neuroscientists, experts in psychedelics, and people like you. Expect a meditation session and meaningful conversation in a serene location.

Holistische Detectives

Friday 12 November / 19:30 / 90 min / NL / LUX 7 / € 7,50

As professionals, researchers or scientists, but also as partners, lovers or parents, we all know that the most important things in life happen unexpectedly. What you do not see. What you did not count on. What is beyond our scope. That is the domain of the detective. Therein lies the solution to any case. In this active session, led by photo detective Hans Aarsman (de Volkskrant) and holistic detective Joost van de Loo, you will learn three classic techniques to break free from your fixed patterns, and how to make a diagnosis that can turn your case completely around.

Wie maakt het archief? / Who makes the archive?

Saturday 13 November / 13:00 / 90 min / NL / Regionaal Archief / € 7,50

Saturday 13 November / 15:30 / 90 min / EN / Regionaal Archief / € 7,50

Museums and universities are institutions with archives. Objects and documents that are considered valuable are stored in these places and shape collective history. But, who decides what belongs in these archives? More importantly, who decides what constitutes an archive? And are these objects really that valuable? In collaboration with graphic designer Nacor Martina (The Niteshop), we will look for answers to these questions through an interactive workshop. In this workshop, the power of story-telling comes together in photos and audio. Make sure to bring your own product and prepare to remix the archive together.


Sunday 13 November / 15:00 / 90 min / NL / Bibliotheek de Mariënburg / € 7,50

We are surrounded by micro-organisms all our lives: they sit on our skin, they reside in our gut and they produce or spoil our food. They also are loved by micro-photographers Wim van Egmond and Rob van Es (Dutch Society for Microscopy), who have turned working with microscopes into high art. Together they will lead this workshop on discovering amazing art forms through a lens. Be amazed and explore your own work of art!

Hey Google, do you know why I'm sad?

Sunday 14 November / 16:30 / 90 min / EN / Studio LUX / € 7,50

Do you know what Google knows about you? No matter where you go on the Web, you’re always leaving a trace of yourself. In this workshop, you will learn how to use data science tools to visualize and analyze your own search history. Learn to identify patterns and anomalies in your data and how to identify the connections between the real-life you and the online you.

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