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José van Dijck at Impakt TV

On Thursday 24 November, José van Dijck, professor of Media and Digital Society at Utrecht University and ambassador of InScience, will be a guest at Impakt TV. She will discuss her research, in which she shows the importance of a critical view on the influence of digital platforms, data and algorithms on our democracy.

Platforms such as Google, Apple, Facebook/Meta and Amazon play a crucial role in our digital lives and social interactions. These platforms have become guiding forces in the way societies are organized. With their algorithms, they promise instant services and personalized specifications to make our lives easier.

However, platforms are based on commercial values ​​and can only be used in exchange for data about our online behavior. Van Dijck investigates how this ‘platformisation’ influences the way societies are shaped. She also investigates how the digital society can be organized differently, based on public values ​​such as privacy and autonomy instead of commercial values.

Every month Impakt TV invites an artist, journalist or researcher to discuss the latest news and trends in art, technology and media. These episodes are streamed live. Click here for tickets and more information.

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