InScience Film Festival

Interactive installations through all of Nijmegen during InScience 2020

One of the most concerning and urgent problems of our time is climate change. The interactive programme Do You Know the Way to Utopia? makes our worries, dreams, hopes and fears about this crisis tangible. Through interactive installations, games and VR films in museums and galleries throughout Nijmegen you can discover an ecological utopia. Or is it a dystopia in disguise? The program can be visited free of charge and corona proof from 12 to 15 November between 12:00 and 17:00.

Animalia Sum

Bianca Kennedy & The Swann Collective / DE / NEUS

In this bizarre, satirical VR experience, insects respond to the suggestion that they might be an excellent source of food in the fight against world hunger.

City of Sounds and Silence

Sun City / NL / Singular Art

In this interactive installation, you can stroll through a city while blind, led by your hearing alone. How recognisable is a city in which all sounds from fossil-based resources have disappeared?


Daria Shkeleva & Konstantin Dovzhik / RU / Mariënburgkapel

How wonderful would it be to spend some time in the Earthly Paradise? In this installation you can! Just make sure your physical presence doesn’t disturb the idyllic scene…

The Shape of Us

Heartwire i.s.m. Monobanda / DE | NL / Museum Het Valkhof

Invite your friends and come play! In this VR game, you and three other players will undergo various rituals to get closer to your inner and outer nature.

The Portal

The Kissinger Twins / GB / Expoplu

Have you ever seen an Instagram film? The Portal follows fifteen-year-old Anna, who is worried about the state of our planet. A strange portal gives her an unexpected and optimistic glimpse of our future.

Ultimate Dragon

Louisa Techmann / DE | NL / RUIS

In this old-school text game, you can create your own version of utopia based on different descriptions and discover whether a computer can accurately interpret your vision.

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