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The program has a number of new and expanded program components this year, especially for this anniversary edition. You can view the full special program here.

Pubquiz with InScience beer

Test your knowledge during the InScience pubquiz! Do you know everything there is to know about CRISPR-Cas, computer technology or the ocean? In collaboration with InScience, Upbeatles presents the science pubquiz in Studio LUX. Whether you can’t distinguish a shark from a pike, or think about Boolean algebra on a daily basis, take the challenge with your team! The Pubquiz takes place on Thursday, November 7 between 20:30 and 22:30.

During the InScience Pubquiz we serve the one and only InScience beers, brewed by Oersoep. Yeast, the basis of every beer, is a modified organism. The yeast culture used in the Hopfather and Sergeant Pepper give the beers their characteristic taste. Do you taste the differences? The beers are also available from October 24 in various bars in Nijmegen.

Baby Bouwplaats - Talkshow

Do you have burning questions about GMOs? This programme gives you the opportunity to discuss a topic that hits close to home: tinkering with our genetic make-up.

We will explore the potential future of baby labs, where designer babies are created. CRISPR-Cas may have paved the way in a technological sense, but what does it really mean to create a designer baby? Does it mean eliminating genetic disorders? Or creating a baby with purple eyes? How does CRISPR-Cas work? Who do we put in charge of these baby breeding labs and what impact will it have on society?

NEMO City Lab

At the NEMO City Lab, we will explore the different ways to use DNA technology responsibly, together with experts and designers. Where do you draw the line and why?
Meet the NEMO Errors Fixers, share your opinion in the Silent Disco Opinions Factory or step in the Filter Bubble and get your opinion tested. The program is part of the national project #DNAdialoog and is a collaboration between renowned institutes such as the Rathenau Instituut, Erfocentrum, ErasmusMC, NPV-care and NEMO Kennislink.
All activities are free of charge and are especially suitable for 16 years and older. The NEMO City Lab can be visited on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November between 13:00 and 17:00 in the Mariënburg Library.

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