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InScience & LUX present: I Am Greta

I Am Greta by Nathan Grossman is a very personal and intimate documentary about Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, made in cinéma vérité style in which, with the consent of her parents, he follows her very closely during meetings with world leaders, protest rallies, and at home with her family. After the film, we will talk to an activist and a scientist. The screening will take place on October 20 in LUX Nijmegen.

20 October: I Am Greta

A rather serious-looking 15-year-old student sits every day, all alone and against the wishes of her parents, before the Swedish parliament. She is on strike to put the climate crisis on the agenda of politicians. Without any success. But in the course of weeks, other students join her and her videos are shared more and more.

As her action grows, she flourishes and while the world around her explodes and her parents are sometimes bouncing with nerves, she seems to relax. Stubborn and intelligent as she is, her parents have almost no control over her. She knows how she wants it and she wants to do it herself.

Make your voice heard

After the film, we will talk to a young climate activist and a scientist about making your voice heard in the climate debate.

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