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A good way to celebrate our fifth edition is to introduce a new Award. The InScience Jury Award is being presented for the first time. Four professionals with different expertise will form the professional jury and view a selection of films. During the Awardshow on Saturday, they will announce their pick for the best InScience film. The winning film will be screened on Sunday 10 november. We would like to introduce the members to you:

Rob van Hattum - Film Festival InScience 2019

Rob van Hattum

Rob van Hattum is a science journalist and has been making radio and television programs on science and technology for years. He works as the editor in chief for VPRO programs such as the Nationale Wetenschapsquiz and has made documentaries for, among others, VPRO Tegenlicht. His programs won various national and international prizes and his latest documentary on sustainability even led to parliamentary questions.

Ruben van Leer - Film Festival InScience 2019

Ruben van Leer

Ruben van Leer is a filmmaker and an interdisciplinary artist. He recently made the film Symmetry (2015) and won the Golden Prague award
for “Best Performance Art”. He has also directed the winning short You Don’t Know Opera (2016) in collaboration with The Dutch National Opera. That Van Leer is broadly oriented is also apparent from music videos and visual systems that he has made for popular artists including The Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay.

Barbara Visser - Film Festival InScience 2019

Barbara Visser

Barbara Visser is a visual artist and filmmaker. In her work, she focuses on the delicate balance between registration and staging, fact and fiction, and investigates this in various media such as photography, film, video, text, printed matter, and performance. For her oeuvre, she won various prizes at home and abroad. In addition to her artistic work, she became the first chair of the Academie van Kunsten of the KNAW in 2014 and was the artistic director (a.i.) of IDFA in 2017.

Jim Jansen - Film Festival InScience 2019

Jim Jansen

Jim Jansen is the editor-in-chief of the scientific journal New Scientist. He also shares his interest in and knowledge about science in the Eureka section for the Saturday edition of the Algemeen Dagblad. He also coordinates the science pages of Het Parool. In addition to his work as a journalist, he is also involved in presenting at meetings on science, journalism, education and current affairs.

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