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The moving film The Reason I Jump was crowned as best film at InScience 2021, by both the public and the Student Jury. The documentary delves deep into the world of non-speaking people with autism. This topic was further explored in a discussion, which in turn formed the basis for an interesting article in Autism magazine. That article is now available to read online.

The Reason I Jump is an intense and emotional journey, showing what makes us deeply human and connected to each other. The documentary shows how little we know about autism and how we have misunderstood autistic people for a long time.” With these words, the Student Jury proclaimed this documentary the best film of InScience 2021.

The creator of this program was Karin van den Bosch, who worked as a program maker for InScience last year. Her article is partly based on the discussion after that film screening, in which Ingrid Claassen, Stijn Deckers and Martine Meijers discussed the subject of the documentary. In her article, Van den Bosch takes a closer look at the ways in which non-speaking people with autism are underestimated.

Autistic children that do not speak, quickly get the stamp that they are mentally retarded. That is not always the case: for example, the problem of not speaking can have a motor cause, which has nothing to do with intelligence. Because how can you let them know what you understand, if you can’t communicate it to others? Not being able to speak does not mean that you have nothing to say, as is impressively illustrated by The Reason I Jump and this article in Autisme magazine.

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