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InScience at European Science in the City Festival

Science enthusiasts can indulge in the coming days in Leiden, where the Science in the City Festival starts today. InScience will screen a number of short films from our rich program here, in the temporary cinema Bios in de Box on the Pieterskerkplein. The festival lasts until Sunday 17 July, admission is free.

This year, Leiden will host the EuroScience Open Forum, the largest multidisciplinary science conference in Europe. To celebrate this, a festive program has been organized around this conference, under the name Science in the City Festival. That means a special program about science for four days. For example, you can visit the NANO Supermarket, full of products that could come on the market in the coming years, such as interactive wall paint and medicinal chocolate. You will also find the Museum of Carcheology here, a cabinet of curiosities where the life cycle of the car is central.

You can also watch countless films from all corners of science here non-stop, in Bios in the Box. Here InScience shows some gems from our rich program of science films, which offer an intriguing look at various themes such as time travel, radioactive radiation and weapons of mass destruction. For example, we will show the comic short Einstein-Rosen, about two brothers who discover the power of a wormhole. Physics and Caffeine explains key physics concepts in an accessible way, using an ordinary cup of coffee.

Curious already? Check out here which films can be seen, and click here for the full festival programme.

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