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InScience advises: The Centrifuge Brain Project

The short documentary The Centrifuge Brain Project was screened at our festival in 2015. Did you miss that viewing? Don’t worry, the film can now be seen on our website. Make sure to do so, because it is an absolute recommendation. 

This short film offers a fascinating insight into the mind-boggling research of the Institute for Centrifugal Research, a highly respected institution within the tradition of speculative science. Under the motto ‘gravity is a mistake, we are working hard to correct this’, the institute conducts groundbreaking research into brain manipulation, prenatal simulations and the effect of excessive G-forces on the human body.

In the documentary, Dr. Nick Laslowicz explains groundbreaking research projects such as the Spheroton, the High Altitude Conveyance System and the Centriductor Schwingmaschine. These studies confirm what the institute has long been suspecting, namely: To the best of our knowledge, everything is possible. And if it is not, what the hell, we try it anyway. Curious to see what that looks like? See it here with your own eyes.

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